Screen9 Video Connector for inRiver

The Screen9 Video Connector makes videos streamable via Screen9 and stores a player embed code and a streaming video reference in inRiver.

Solution description

When a video is uploaded to inRiver, the video is automatically sent to Screen9 for processing. Screen9 encodes the video into adaptive streaming formats in various bitrates/qualities and returns a player embed code, along with a reference to the video, which is stored in inRiver. When a CMS or other system presents a product with a video associated to it, the player embed code can be used to present a player with full adaptive streaming of the video, optimizing to end user experience. The video reference can be used for a deeper integration through Screen9 APIs. When a video is removed from inRiver, the streaming formats are automatically removed from Screen9 at the same time.



  • Optimized workflow – videos are only uploaded once and in only one place
  • Automated publishing of video once uploaded
  • True adaptive streaming optimizing video playback for any internet connection
  • Content Delivery Network providing endless capacity and high speed
  • Asset control – all assets are controlled from within inRiver
  • API access enables custom integrations and presentations of video




Partner Description

Screen9 is a premium provider of online video services. Screen9’s flexible and reliable online video platform (OVP) powers market leading businesses online. The video platform allows customers to provide a quality video experience to their users across PCs, smartphones and tablets. Apart from the inRiver integration, the Screen9 video platform also integrated with content management systems, digital asset managements and media resource management platforms, social networks and video editing services simplifying video management.


Partner Contact

Joakim Rosenqvist
+46 (0)70 26 92 302