Sana Commerce iPMC Adapter

The inRiver Product Marketing Cloud (iPMC) to Sana Commerce Adapter enriches real time ERP product information to display in your webstore.

Solution description

The iPMC Sana Adapter gives web store owners great options to get all their product information always up-to-date and complete, visible in their stores.

Whenever product information is uploaded or updated in iPMC it will automatically be synchronized to your Sana web shop. Because iPMC and Sana are both based on your ERP system, the three tools work in perfect harmony together.

While you use the ERP as a single source of truth for e.g. product prices and stock levels, you use iPMC as the single source of truth for e.g. product descriptions, images, attachments and cross- and up-sell. The product data out of the ERP will be enriched by product information out of iPMC and will be shown always complete and up-to-date.

Solution highlights

  • Always the latest product information available in your Sana webstore
  • Always running the latest version because the integration is SaaS-compatible​
  • Easy to configure: submit your username and password, select an iPMC environment, and you’re ready!

inRiver PIM: iPMC

Sana Commerce Version:

Sana Commerce 9.3 and later (both on premise and SaaS)
Sana Commerce 9.2 (on premise)

About Sana Commerce

Sana Commerce is an e-commerce platform that offers an integration for both Microsoft Dynamics and SAP ERP’s. Systems like Microsoft Dynamics and SAP have the data and logic that keeps your business running smoothly. From customer-specific prices to inventory levels, your ERP system has the information that matters. So why not use ERP data in your web store?

According to the vendor, key capabilities and benefits include:

  • Empower your clients to find, order, reorder, pay for and return products online at their convenience, leading to higher customer satisfaction, increased loyalty and more revenue from existing customers.
  • Simplify web store setup and ongoing maintenance when you turn your ERP system into an e-commerce engine designed to be implemented in just weeks without heavy customizations.
  • Provide a better buying experience that’s consistent across all devices — online and offline — and equips shoppers with the tools they need to quickly and easily make an informed buying decision.
  • Improve sales results by reaching a larger global market, opening a new sales channel and creating new sales touchpoints online with e-commerce.

Partner contact

Ruben Mink (Global Sales Director) –
Frank de Roon (Product Owner Add-ons) –