Luminos Labs inRiver Quick Start Program

Solution Description

Luminos Labs uses a proven approach collaborating with your team to identify success criteria for inRiver, develop a data model, integration approach and ultimately deliver a working inRiver Starting Solution. If you have a good understanding of your product data, can easily gather the data and have a solid ERP solution, we can get you up and running in less than two months.


Solution Highlights

What you get:

  • You will get a PIM marketing model customized to your business. You do not get a pre-defined data model that you have to “fit into”.
  • Luminos Labs can get you up and running on inRiver. Then you can add to it in the future based on your business needs. You don’t need to start will the full solution out of the gate.
  • We will create one connector, import your cleansed data, and train two members of your team.

proven approach will take you and your team through the following steps:

  • Uncover known information about your Product Data
  • Collaborate on exercises designed to create a Marketing Model
  • Build the starter marketing model setup in the first number of days
  • Define workflow and validation needs
  • Define an inbound integration with your ERP
  • Build a final working inRiver solution with one connector

inRiver Accelerator reduces the time to go-live and provides additional features for inRiver like:

      • Marketing Model Import Tool – Ability to import Entities, Fields, CVLs, Field sets from an excel file directly into the data model, saving many hours of manual input.
      • Data and Workflow Validation Extension – Enhances inRiver to provide deeper workflow functionality, including allows status fields to not be changed without a specific completeness rule.
      • Completeness Criteria Extension – Extends the out of the box completeness rules to validate based on other fields.
      • Data Migration Tool – Allows bulk loading of cleaned up data and images into inRiver.
      • Luminos Labs Integration Hub – Create a starter integration platform between inRiver and other external systems. Integration Hub include a Message Broker for queuing messages and a Scheduler to schedule external import jobs.
      • Base Channel Connector for Episerver – We have a starter connector for EpiServer.
      • Base Channel Connector for Order Dynamics – We have a starter connector for Order Dynamics.
      • Base Inbound Connector for CSV – We have a starter connector to import CSV files stored in FTP Folder / Network folder. This is used to automate importing files exported by external systems (I.e. ERP).
      • File Uploader App – We have an external File Uploader App that extends the capability of the inRiver Standard Enrich App data Import. The App allows updating attributes based on external Entity IDs, auto create entity relationships. The App comes with standard CSV templates and can be extended to support additional entities schema.


About Luminos Labs

Luminos Labs, founded in 2010, specializing in e-commerce solutions, enables retailers, manufacturers, and distributors to increase revenue by increasing website traffic, conversion rates and AOV and reduce cost by increasing operational efficiencies within digital ecosystems. We have over 90 full-time strategists, architects, project managers, engineers, business analysts, and other specialist, located in Los Angeles California, Milwaukee Wisconsin and Cluj Romania to get the job done. We are proven integrators for In River, Episerver, OrderDynamics, and Dynamics 365.


Phone: +1 310-630-5884