Ntara inRiver and Kentico CMS Connector

Ntara has developed a connector between the .NET Kentico CMS and inRiver PIM platforms. This connector easily ports product information from inRiver directly into a customer’s CMS for use across different channels.

Solution description: This technology tool helps users achieve a faster speed to market. The connector allows enrichment of product data directly inside inRiver and helps automatically transfer this data into corresponding product description pages within Kentico.

See how the inRiver-Ntara-Kentico connector works

Solution highlights:

  • Completely customizable to accommodate the most complicated product data architecture.
  • Scalable to allow manufacturers, distributors, and retails ease of uploading and onboarding new products.
  • Product variants are easily transferable from inRiver to any Kentico brochure/e-commerce site.
  • Easy to use from product marketers and technology professionals alike.

inRiver version: inRiver PIM (SaaS)

Kentico version: v9 and above

Partner: Ntara

Partner website: www.ntara.com

Partner description: Ntara has been creating transformative digital solutions in the manufacturing, distribution, and retail industries since 1999. We provide consulting, UX expertise, website and e-commerce development, integrated marketing strategy, and technical integrations.

Partner contact: Andy Didyk


Phone: 423-926-8272 x 8625