Columbus Link Traverser

This solution allows you to take actions such as turn a search result list of Items into a list of Resources, or convert a list of Products into a list of Items.

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Columbus Link Traverser

Already in use by a number of our clients, you won’t be able to live without this simple-to-use extension! Take a search result list of Items and convert it into a list of Resources. Or convert a list of Products into a list of Items. It allows you to “traverse links” from any entity type over any link type to another entity type.

Save lots of time when you can’t directly find the entities you are interested in, or need to find lots of related entities from a results panel.

Solution highlights

Work smarter. Work Faster. Link Traverser works the way you think, adds an additional dimension to searching, reduces navigational clicks immensely and streamlines your everyday tasks. Reduce workload on the server with smarter searches and improve performance.


Version: 1.0
inRiver version supported: inRiver Rich Client 5 and above

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