inRiver Planner

inRiver Planner AppThe inRiver Planner App makes the planning, budgeting, execution, and overview of your PIM-driven marketing activities and campaigns and executing your marketing strategy a significantly easier process.

The Planner App gives you the tools to see the work that needs to be done – activities, milestones, timelines, deadlines, products and completeness. The timeline overview is also customizable, helping you structure your planning in a way that suits you. You simply create and manage your marketing activities, campaigns, product launches, promotions, seasonal assortments, catalog planning etc efficiently.

The Planner App also offers great team collaboration, smart filtering functions that helps you easily find and monitor what you are currently working on, see the progress of what you are doing, and keep full control over your activities and planning.

The inRiver Planner App is an App in the inRiver software for PIM Product Information Management.

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