Avensia PIM for Food and Beverages

Solution Description

The Avensia PIM for Food and Beverages is a comprehensive solution for the handling of all product information that is required throughout the value chain, in the Food and Beverage industry. In combination with inRiver PIM you have a complete solution and a powerful tool for developing your business. With all product and all information in one place with built-in GS1 quality assurance, you will need less resources for costly and time-consuming administration and can focus more on developing your brand


Avensia PIM for Food and Beverages handles:

Sales texts & marketing messaging – structured for different market segments

Article-specific data – handles inter alia EAN codes

Contents, nutritional value and allergen information – managed according to the GS1 standard and ready to be used in the production of packaging labels, product sheets, etc.

Product and environmental images – all required file types and sizes, both for catalog production and web publication


Solution Highlights

  • Create article information that meets the GS1 requirements for food and beverage in inRiver PIM
  • Validate new information for GS1 directly in PIM for Food and Beverage
  • Send article information to your customers via Validoo & DABAS
  • The program is in accordance with GDSN 3.1.4 (2018)
  • Avensia is a verified system provider for Validoo and we ensure that the program is continuously updated to meet the requirements of the GS1 standard
  • Use the article information in all channels; web, catalog, VCDs etc.
  • We provide our solution both as a cloud service and on-premise


Company Contact Information

Henrik Påhlsson
Director Information management, Avensia
Email: Henrik.pahlsson@avensia.com
Phone: +46 -706 565 376