Partner Marketplace

Marketplace is the hub to discover the powerful apps, extensions, and connectors that easily integrate with the inRiver platform.

Partners have built these tools to help customers meet business objectives and specific needs throughout the e-commerce journey.

Platform connectors

These are connectors to other complementary software platforms such as CMS and e-commerce.

PIM Accelerators

Rapid solutions that address specific industry or applying agile methods for retail, manufacturing, constructions or food industries.

Application add-ons

Connectors that provide additional functionality to the core inRiver PIM platform.

Explore the three types of solutions that help global brands drive results. Drill down on each to learn how to access them and obtain more information on the benefits they deliver.

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inRiver’s PIM Add-Ons

Learn more about inRiver’s specific add-on applications and utilize them when you need them.