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Software portfolio: Case by case.

Industries covered: Manufacturing and retail.

Data supplied by Icecat:

  • Specifications
  • High resolution product images
  • Multimedia (YouTube links, videos, and documents)
  • Titles and descriptions in multiple formats
  • Product families, brands, and series
  • EU Energy Labels
  • Feature Logos
  • Bullet points
  • Related products and product variants
  • Interactive product stories
  • All translated to 50+ languages
  • Reviews

Supported Verticals:

  • Icecat supplies data for a range of verticals but truly excels in computer & electronics (Consumer audio & video equipment, computers & peripherals, domestic appliances, telecom & navigation
  • Toys and hobby (Toys & accessories and entertainment & hobby)
  • Fashion and home (Fashion & lifestyle, home and office)
  • DIY (Building, construction supplies & tools, and home)
  • FMCG (Baby & children, pet care, food, beverages & tobacco)
  • Health (Drugs & pharamceutical products, medical equipment, accessories & supplies, industrial & lab equipment)

Integration with inriver PIM:

Icecat integrates seamlessly with inriver PIM. By adhering to the Icecat taxonomy for specifications, templates are auto-generated inside of inriver PIM, translated, and ready to be used on any product inside inriver! Never manage or translate a specification template again.

Further extending the specification workflow inside of inriver an excel export/import has been implemented that ensures consistent data across all your products inside of inriver, even those not enriched by Icecat.

Automatically update product data when Icecat data changes. By listening to updates from Icecat you are ensured to have all your product data up to date, never missing new information as it changes over time.

Replace your low-resolution images with high-resolution images from Icecat, directly from the suppliers.

Get a head start using Icecat product descriptions and reasons to buy for an even faster time to market in all your languages. Use the supplied description when writing your own help to ensure optimal SEO.

Supply data to Icecat and guarantee data consistency across all your products. By supplying your own data to Icecat you enable anyone to openly fetch that data using a predefined and widely used format.


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