Lengoo: Powering Enterprise Language Solutions with AI

Technology Partner, Translation Services

Lengoo provides premium language translation services using a combination of the latest machine translation technology and professional linguists.


Lengoo is a language service provider that combines revolutionary neural machine translation technology (NMT) with the service level of a traditional full-service translation provider. At Lengoo, highly qualified expert linguists work hand-in-hand with our AI-powered translation technology. Through this, we produce premium translations up to 50% cheaper and 3x faster. 

Would you have technical texts and marketing material translated by the same linguist?  

Most probably not. That’s why we train our translation models to become specialists. Your translation specialist.

Company website and contact information:

Axel Billqvist, Enterprise Sales Director
Website: https://www.lengoo.com/ 
Email: axel.billqvist@lengoo.com