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Together with our customers, we build innovative internet solutions. We offer multichannel commerce solutions, system integrations, (self-service) portals , Internet of Things solutions, and advice in the field of digital transformation. All personalized to our customer's needs.

Innovadis, an inriver partner

Software portfolio: inriver, Virto Commerce, Boomi, Alumio
Industries covered: Manufacturing, Wholesale, and Other (Construction, Distribution, and Infrastructure)

We are Innovadis, and we guide and accompany you on your journey towards positive impact. Step by step. We not only have decades of experience on this journey, but we also have the skills to help you reach your destination. First, we chart the course by analyzing where we currently stand and what kind of positive impact you want to make. Both for your organization and for the people you work for. Together, we determine the goals and create the roadmap to a better future.

On our journey, we choose the most fitting solutions (like inriver) off the shelf or develop the ideal customized solution. Of course, we understand that your world, our world, changes every day. That’s why we remain flexible and continuously improve the solutions. This way, we stay on track and achieve our positive impact goals.
So, we’re curious. What is your goal, and how can we help you make a positive impact? Let’s explore it together and develop a better future.

We are Innovadis. Who are you?

This is why we do what we do.
We believe we can make a positive impact and improve our world with innovative solutions that matter.

We do this every day.
By taking the lead in knowledge, by working in enthusiastic teams, and by building sustainable relationships.

This is what you can expect from us.
We provide strategic process advice and digital solutions that exceed your organization’s expectations.


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