Technology Partner, Digital Asset Management

Elevate product content experiences with a recognized leader in DAM. Streamline your product enrichment process by uploading your images to Bynder and have them automatically matched to the right products in inriver.

Bynder, an inriver partner

Bynder and inriver share similar histories, ethos, and value in the market, and in December 2022 Bynder joined inriver as a portfolio company of Thomas H.Lee Partners, renowned Private Equity firm investing in content enablement.

Bynder goes far beyond managing digital assets. The digital asset management platform enables teams to conquer the chaos of proliferating content, touchpoints, and relationships in order to thrive. With powerful and intuitive solutions that embrace the way people want to work, and a richly integrated ecosystem, Bynder is the brand ally that unifies and transforms the creation and sharing of assets, inspiring teams, delighting customers, and elevating businesses.

Delivering rich product experiences does not happen without aligning product data and assets in large volumes, quickly. That’s why Bynder and inriver customers view these platforms as a joint solution in their MarTech and Commerce stacks. A bi-directional sync enables all teams to push content live faster, distribute across channels, and update versions without any hassle for the utmost agility. In the digital economy, inspiring content launches are the catalyst for brands to thrive in their markets, and Bynder is proud to support those launches alongside inriver.

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