SAIL selects inRiver PIM for efficiency

SAIL, a Canadian retailer for outdoors gear, has selected inRiver PIM, Product Information Management, for efficiency and time-to-market.

SAILSAIL, a large outdoor and sporting goods retailer based in Quebec, Canada, has selected inRiver to organize, manage and market their extensive product range for all their channels.

SAIL aims to offer one of the largest choices of brand-name products at competitive prices. However, having over 500 suppliers for over 80.000 products in their range, SAIL wanted to manage their product range for their 10 retail stores, website and catalogs in a more efficient manner. Aiming to reduce manual data entry, manage large quantities of supplier data in a powerful way, and cut down the time-to market for their products, SAIL selected inRiver PIM (Product Information Management) for reaching their goal.

“We wanted to improve operational efficiency and automate some of the manual work. Reading in supplier data automatically and managing all our product data centrally gives us the possibility to map out and publish it in all our channels faster and easier, reducing the time-to-market for our products and making the marketing of our products more dynamic. Together with their partner, Absolunet, inRiver offered a solution that was easy to use, creating a centralized system for us where we can handle large quantities of product information, easily add more products to our web, create printed catalogs more efficiently and focus on our marketing. “says Richard Viger, Marketing Director, SAIL.

“We are very proud to be providing SAIL with a powerful tool for managing the marketing of their products in all channels. With the focus and dedication to their product range, we are already looking forward to seeing SAIL use their PIM efficiently and bringing their entire product range onto their website, and seeing their new marketing channels, like digital screens in their stores, soon” says Niclas Mollin, CEO, inRiver.

About SAIL
SAIL is a Canadian company based in Quebec, founded more than 40 years ago. SAIL has 10 stores in eastern Canada, offering the largest network of outdoor, camping, hunting and fishing gear. Each store is a showroom with over 500,000 items that will allow people to make the most of their outdoor activities in great comfort and with all equipment needs met. See more on