Runsvengruppen AB keeps competitive prices and great product information with inRiver PIM

Runsvengruppen AB, the retailer with ÖoB, select inRiver PIM for augmenting and efficiently managing their product information to be able to ensure excellent product prices.


Runsvengruppen AB, the Swedish retailer with the stores ÖoB, has just taken the next step in their strive for establishing the most efficient and effective procedures for getting their products onto the market. Having implemented inRiver PIM (Product Information Management), the Group is now set for augmenting and managing their product information efficiently, ensuring that their customers will receive the best possible information on their products, along with the best possible price.

Looking to provide their customers with an attractive discount concept and the right range of products for smart, easy and pleasant shopping solutions, Runsvengruppen AB wanted an easy and efficient solution for managing their electronic and printed communication with their shoppers. Having handled all their product information manually until now, the Group is now building an efficient structure that will help them communicate their product offering to their customers in more channels and in more ways. Also, wanting to ensure an efficient and effective flow of products at a low cost, the new PIM process will directly contribute to ÖoB’s unbeatable low-price offers.

“We want to give our customers the best possible product information and best possible price, and it is a continuous process. We selected inRiver PIM because they offered us the flexibility, simplicity and scalability we were looking for. Their solution provides us with the right level of support for our current setup, with the possibility to grow it later. We now have an easier process for producing high-quality product information and marketing material, enabling us to display the product information in a unified manner in all our channels, including mobile channels. We have just gone live with a small part of our new PIM-enabled product information on the ÖoB website, and will soon be using this product information for our stores, direct marketing, in-store signage and much more. This efficiency saves us money, which means we will be able to keep the same competitive pricing” says Mikael Granath, Business Systems Manager at Runsvengruppen AB.

“We are very happy to see that a price-conscious company like Runsvengruppen AB selects our PIM platform as their road to efficiency and augmented product information. It is also great to be able to note that the Group sees a direct correlation between the efficiency inRiver PIM brings, how much time, money and resources they save on it, and how this helps them keep their great low-price offers” says Andreas Erikson, Regional Sales Director at inRiver.

About Runsvengruppen: Runsvengruppen AB was founded in 1947 and is one of Sweden’s leading companies in the low-price market segment for leisure good, home and interior furnishings, DIY tools and equipment, household and grocery products, textiles and clothing and electrical appliances. The Group owns and operates over 100 shops and department stores throughout Sweden and has a total of 1,800 employees. Runsvengruppen AB has an annual revenue of 4,1 billion SEK (451 million EUR, 624 million USD). Read more on and www.ö