Power Products is connecting with the power of inRiver PIM

Power Products LLC connects their products to their web, retailers and distributors in a powerful way by using inRiver PIM to increase efficiency and productivity of their Product Information Management.

Power Products LLC

Power Products LLC has chosen inRiver PIM for powerfully connecting their products with web, retailers and distributors.

Power Products, with its headquarters Menomonee Falls in Wisconsin, USA, in  is a highly diversified industrial company, supplying products that are connecting and managing electrical power, distributing these to selected niche markets. Serving customers in more than 30 countries, the company now needed a solution to increase efficiency and improve productivity of their web-related and sales processes.

Power Products sells their products through many large retail and distribution channels. Each of their distributors has a unique set of requirements needed for submitting product information. Previously it could take up to several weeks to submit product information for some of the larger distributors. With inRiver PIM, Power Products has been able to reduce the product submission time from weeks to minutes. inRiver partner Zeon Solutions implemented channel connectors that were configured to auto-populate and format the product data within inRiver PIM to meet the specific requirements of each distributor’s product submission form.

Zeon Solutions also worked with Power Products on a total of nine websites – the corporate site, seven unique brand sites and a custom-built internal site that provides customer service representatives with access to easily searching, finding and emailing product-specific information to customers.

About Power Products
Power Products was founded over 100 years ago when three entrepreneurs founded the American Grinder Manufacturing Company. The company today has grown into a diverse global enterprise committed to lean manufacturing, innovation and sustainable growth with their products that are connecting and managing power.

Read more about Power Products: http://www.powerprodllc.com/en