OEM now live with excellent product information, using inRiver PIM

OEM International AB, the industrial and technical components trading giant, has inRiver PIM for managing the information about their technology products in all channels.


OEM International AB, the industrial and technical components trading giant, has gone live with their full product range, using inRiver PIM to support their continued efforts to provide excellent information about their technology products. With over 25 000 products, ranging from simpler ball bearings and electrical components to complex engines and transmissions, the company is now reaching a milestone in organizing and refining their unique and detailed product information with inRiver PIM.

 “An integral part of our success is being able to provide the best possible information about the products we are trading. With our extensive range and 29 operating units in 14 countries, we have to have an organized and efficient way of managing and sharing the information within the company and to our customers. Since all of our product information is adapted to each market and each language, we also needed an easy process to manage everything around our products and their adaptations. With inRiver PIM, we now have full control over our information and a clear overview of all our channels.” says Sven Rydell, Marketing and Communications Director, OEM International AB.

“We are very pleased that a successful trading company like OEM International selects our PIM platform as a strategic tool for achieving excellence in their product information. We are pleased to continue our work with OEM International, giving them tools to manage their information excellence in a consistent and collaborative manner. We are looking forward to seeing the results of their information work” says Jenny Nicander, Business Analyst, inRiver.

About OEM International AB: OEM is a Swedish company that offers an extensive and detailed range of industrial components and systems from leading suppliers. The company was founded in Tranås in 1974, and has been listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange since 1983. OEM has grown at a steady pace, establishing itself in several markets over the years. The company had in 2013 a total revenue of about 1,668 billion SEK (185 million EUR, 250,9 million USD), over 600 employees, and presence in 14 countries. Read more on www.oem.se