OCAY goes for innovative PIM with inRiver

OCAY, one of the leading office supplies companies, has implemented inRiver PIM for managing their product information in an innovative way.


Ocay, one of the new leading Swedish office supplies companies, has selected inRiver for innovative management of their product information.

When Gullbergs and Kontorsvaruhuset merged into one company and created the new brand Ocay, the company realized they had to find a new structure and good handling for their product information. With over 18.000 products and most of the handling of product data being manual, Ocay knew they wanted to show their extensive product range in an attractive and innovative way. Selecting inRiver for centrally organizing their product data in a PIM (Product Information Management) system, Ocay can now ensure good quality product data in all channels.

We wanted a solution that would take us into the future, serving customers in the new ways they want to interact with us in multiple channels. To do that, we needed all of our product information to be well-structured and in perfect shape with great content, documents, videos, texts and other attributes for our multi-channel sales. Gullbergs and Kontorsvaruhuset used to manage products through folders and Excel sheets, but with the merger we realized that we had to get a good structure into place to be efficient in a multi-channel environment. We selected inRiver for managing this, and because we wanted a best-of-breed solution that was independent from other systems, giving us the freedom to create and change the system landscape around the product information” says Christian Romero-Hamrin, Merchandising and Marketing Director, Ocay.

“We are proud to be providing Ocay with our PIM solution. Their innovative outlook on product information and their consistent multi-channel thinking will bring them excellent efficiency and very good visibility in all their sales channels. We are also pleased to note that they wanted a best-of-breed solution, giving them full flexibility to keep up with system developments for years to come“ says Mattias Eriksson, Nordic Sales Director, inRiver.

About Ocay: Ocay is a company and brand created from the merger of Gullbergs and Kontorsvaruhuset. With 38 stores all over Sweden, innovative ecommerce and an extensive catalog, Ocay offers sustainable solutions ranging from classical office supplies, technical articles, hygiene and cleaning, packaging, and document handling to profiling products. Ocay’s main owner is Litorina Kapital. See more on www.ocay.se