Munters builds world-class customer information with inRiver PIM

Munters, provding energy-efficient solutions for air treatment, supports its customer information service with inRiver PIM as the backbone for organizing its product information for all segments and markets.

Munters, the global supplier of energy efficient solutions for air treatment, is set for strengthening its customer information service by organizing its product information for all segments and markets with inRiver PIM (Product Information Management).

With its advanced range of technical products, Munters wanted to augment its information quality and organize its product information in a flexible manner in order to provide its customers with world-class information. Needing to handle a complex structure with four business areas, several geographical territories, different market requirements and multiple languages, the company needed a solution that could handle all this along with its customer communication channels. Munters also wanted an efficient PIM process where it could create and maintain its growing portfolio of information and marketing material with quality and consistency, with the same amount of staff.

“Our old setup was simply not meeting our information needs – we had a database that could not handle all the information requirements we have, causing us to create a lot of one-off product information. We selected inRiver PIM because the software met our needs for managing information in a flexible manner despite the complexity of our sales organization, the variety of our customers, and the diversity of our products. With this solution, we will be able to manage all of our product information on a long-term basis, and quickly adapt the information for all 4 Business Areas, across all markets, sales channels (sales reps, end clients, design consultants, contractors etc) and customers. With the new setup, we will be able to provide great customer service and produce more literature to a higher standard in less time, with the same resources”, says Neil Yule, Global Business Development Director, Munters.

“We are very pleased that a truly global company like Munters chooses our PIM platform as their tool for customer service. It is also a great recognition for us that Munters will handle a complex sales organization and a broad information need with inRiver PIM. We have always believed that great information, adapted to the sales channel and customer, is the key to success, and Munters very clearly understands the connection between excellent customer service and world-class product information.” says Niclas Mollin, CEO at inRiver.

Munters will be implementing inRiver PIM in connection with upgrading their web and e-commerce solution to EPiServer 7.5 and EPiServer Commerce, building a solid foundation and strong platform for their information management. Nansen ( is doing the implementation, helping Munters launch the new information platform in autumn 2014.

About Munters: Munters is a global supplier of energy efficient solutions for air treatment and indoor climate solutions for many industries, including pharmaceutical, food, electronics and agriculture, along with offices and other commercial premises. Munters Group has 3,000+ employees in more than 30 countries, with an annual revenue of 430 million EUR (600 million USD, 3,8 billion SEK). Read more on