Motoral augments e-business

Motoral Oy, the Finnish wholesaler of car and heavy vehicles accessories and related products, chooses inRiver PIM for their product information management in all their sales channels.

MotoralMotoral Oy, a Finnish wholesaler of car and heavy vehicles accessories, spare parts, tools, chemical products and lubricants, has selected inRiver PIM for producing and managing top quality product data in one single place for all their sales channels.

With about 400 product providers, 30.000 products in their product range, a large network of resellers, and more than 70% of their orders coming in electronically, Motoral realized they had to organize their product information in a structured way to best serve the majority of electronically communicating customers with their upcoming web shop solution. To manage this, Motoral decided to introduce inRiver PIM (Product Information Management) as the hub for all their product-related data and resources, ensuring that their product information would be of excellent quality but still easy to manage with updates made only once, in one place.

We realized that we had to focus on making our products conveniently available and easily searchable, but also rich in precise information for our customers to take informed decisions. Starting with our new e-commerce project, our solution provider Solita recommended the combination of inRiver PIM and EPiServer Commerce, because of the ready-built connector between the solutions. inRiver PIM provides us with a user-friendly solution for managing and keeping full control over our product information and product enrichment process, and the connector to EPiServer Commerce gives us the possibility to publish any product updates directly into the new web shop in real time. With this solution, we expect to be able to produce top quality product information, and feed all our sales channels with accurate product data at all times. We are right now testing the processes and integrations, and are looking forward to going live in a few months” says Jari Mesimäki, Product and Marketing Director, Motoral.

“We at inRiver are very pleased to see a large wholesaler like Motoral engage in augmenting their product information for serving their customers with the best possible product information. We are especially pleased to see that they decided to implement inRiver PIM before the new e-commerce solution was in place. Motoral has really fully embraced the product enrichment process and done things in the correct order – PIM first, then e-commerce”, says Lars Lindberg, Key Account Manager, inRiver.


About Motoral Oy: Motoral was founded in 1958 as an automotive wholesaler in Helsinki, Finland. The company has over the years grown to become one of the most important players in the field, offering specialty retail chains and individual companies and vehicle manufacturers with a comprehensive range of products, high delivery capability and speed, as well as comprehensive services for technical support, technical documentation and a range of solutions. Motoral group employs around 250 people, and has a turnover of EUR 70 million. Read more about Motoral on