Lekolar runs inRiver PIM

Lekolar, producing educational tools, toys, furnishings and supplies for schools and pre-schools, runs inRiver PIM (Product Information Management) for creating compelling offers with great efficiency and organization.

Lekolar products and logotypeLekolar, the Swedish producer of educational tools, toys, furnishings and supplies for schools and pre-schools, has selected inRiver PIM for creating compelling offers for joyful learning for their customers.

Lekolar develops learning environments for children and young people, helping develop a positive learning environment, carefully producing and selecting products that have been tested for quality and safety. With one of the market’s largest assortments, encompassing over 20.000 product variants ranging from pens to sofas and tables, Lekolar wanted to set up a smooth e-commerce solution to service their customers in a flexible way. Lekolar realized in the analysis phase together with implementation partner Avensia that they needed a better way of handling product information, enabling the company to feed the most important channels. Lekolar had up until then managed all product-related information in Microsoft AX, but concluded it was insufficient and not suited for the information logistics needs for the website, the upcoming e-commerce, the catalog, sales staff and customer service.

Facing the challenge of being present in 4 markets, with in some cases unique products for each market, 4 languages to support, and sometimes complex products with measures and attributes that must be declared, Lekolar came to the conclusion it was time to reach a better efficiency in managing the information for all products in all markets. Moving the ownership of some product information from Microsoft AX and deciding to replace an old home-built catalog production tool, Lekolar decided to implement inRiver PIM for managing information logistics efficiently in one place for all channels, integrating toward the image database, the new e-commerce and to Adobe InDesign for a new way of catalog production.

Our web shop is our main channel for communicating our product range. With the functions in inRiver PIM, we can now display complex information about the products combined with accessories and recommendations for similar products for any single product in the new web shop. It is also important to us that we now can connect different documents and media files to all our products. These are valuable possibilities for us. We went live with inRiver PIM about a year ago, launched the web shops for Norway and Sweden this year, and are soon launching the web shops for the Danish and Finnish markets. Since each market has some variations to the assortment, we can adjust this directly in inRiver PIM. This enables us to service our markets better” says Stefan Engström, Nordic E-Commerce Manager, Lekolar.

“We are very pleased to be serving a multi-lingual, multi-assortment and multi-market customer like Lekolar with a PIM system that enables the company to manage the business complexities in a single source. We are looking forward to seeing Lekolar go live with two more web shops soon, and seeing the company work with the new catalog feeding information to InDesign from inRiver PIM” says Andreas Erikson, National Sales Director, inRiver.


About Lekolar

Lekolar AB purchased in 2004 BRIO Educational with the intent of developing the business. Lekolar back then was owned by a fund within Procuritas. Since 2007, Lekolar is owned by funds within the risk capital company 3i. Today, Lekolar is a market leader of pedagogical aids and tools, toys, interiors and supplies (consumption articles) in the Nordic region. Lekolar is present in Norway, Denmark, Finland and Sweden. The company has 250 employees and has a revenue of about 1 billion SEK. To see more on Lekolar’s assortment of educational supplies and browse the new web shop, go to www.lekolar.no and www.lekolar.se