Konga selects inRiver for exponential growth and information excellence

Nigeria’s largest online marketplace, Konga, has chosen inRiver PIM for managing their product information efficiently.


Konga, Nigeria’s largest online marketplace, has selected inRiver for product information excellence. Aiming to become the engine for commerce and trade in Africa, Konga is now all set to launch their large marketplace with inRiver as the base engine for their marketplace.

Konga has a large and varied assortment of products, ranging from phones, computers, clothing, shoes, home appliances, books, healthcare, baby products, and personal care that spans over 250.000 items right now, but the company is aiming to increase their range to about 2 million items. To manage that exponential growth, Konga has created a clear process for handling product information both in-house and by suppliers.

“We wanted to be efficient in our handling of our product range and product information, while still maintaining full capability to increase that range with existing resources. With inRiver, we are able to do just that. Feeding information from a supplier portal and our ERP system into inRiver, and managing all the product information there gives us the possibility to plan our channels and easily publish to our webshop. We can simply maintain control even if we are growing fast” says Kunle Oguneye, Head of Products and Program Management at Konga.com.

“We at inRiver are extremely pleased to provide a large and growing marketplace like Konga with the tools for managing that growth. Their focus and dedication to their market is quite extraordinary, and we are looking forward to following Konga’s success and information excellence”, says Mattias Eriksson, Nordic Sales Director at inRiver.

inRiver partner Star Republic has been responsible for the project delivery. The project started in December 2013, and is now ready to go live with both inRiver PIM and Magento web shop. “We like to move fast and deliver quality to our customers, and we are pleased to work with inRiver and Vaimo for this implementation. The project has been smooth, and we are fully on track for launch” says Stephan Burman, Senior Consultant at Star Republic.

See more about Konga: www.konga.com

See more about Star Republic: www.starrepublic.com