JBC selects inRiver PIM for speed and growth

The biggest Belgian fashion retailer JBC selects inRiver PIM for creating a smart workflow and speedy time-to-market for the continuously changing product range, different markets, languages, and channels.

JBC LogotypeJBC selected inRiver PIM to create a smart workflow with faster time-to-market for the Belgian fashion retailer’s growing product range.

Founded in 1975, JBC is the biggest Belgian fashion retailer. As a family company that translates the latest fashion trends into affordable and quality clothing with a local touch, JBC has more than  15,000 products, more than 140 stores in Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany, and a webshop. JBC focuses on answering its clients’ needs for flexibility but also offering an item for every member of the family.  The retailer continues to expand its product range and stores, while also augmenting the e-commerce solution, and incorporating kiosks in the brick-and-mortar stores. This is the reason why JBC needed a fast, flexible and easy-to-use solution for managing the increasing volume of product information.

With a continuously changing product range that must be managed for JBC’s different markets, languages, and channels (the company opened its seventh store in Germany) and a genuine desire to please its clients, the company wanted an efficient workflow for creating and managing rich and high-quality product content and marketing from a single source, for all channels. JBC selected inRiver PIM because it could provide this efficiency, easily integrate with the current system landscape and  be flexible and adaptive for future growth. Additionally, inRiver PIM has the ability to expedite production for printed materials, and translations, while providing an ease of use for marketing and e-commerce staff. With inRiver’s strong focus on marketing and sales, content, digital assets, languages, campaigns, and printed materials, JBC concluded that it inRiver PIM was the right solution for building the omnichannel platform for JBC’s current and future product marketing.

With a growing and constantly changing product range, we want to ensure that we handle all our product-related content efficiently so that we can launch them quickly. Also when launching new channels, it’s important that we manage the product information, and maintain a perfect shopping experience for our customers in all channels. We also aim to create a stronger link between products, inspiring our customers both online and offline”, says Eric Cuypers, CIO at JBC.

“We are very pleased to see JBC building a solid platform for efficiently managing fast-moving and comprehensive product marketing for all channels and markets. We are especially looking forward to seeing JBC populate the new in-store kiosks with product information from inRiver PIM. With inRiver PIM as the backbone, JBC can now launch new channels and markets with ease and speed. We expect to see the great results of JBC’s omnichannel strategy – both online and offline”, says Edward Haarmans, Country Manager Benelux at inRiver.

About JBC

JBC is the largest Belgian fashion retailer. It was founded in 1975 by Jean Baptiste Claes. JBC is still a family company. Today, it is led by Ann and Bart Claes, who joined the company in 1985 and started running the business in 2004.

With its strong position in the mid-segment, JBC has all members of the family and every budget in mind. The company aims to translate the latest trends into affordable, quality clothing that are produced in a sustainable manner. This ambition results in a collection with a local approach with respect for people and the environment. JBC is a conscious member of the Fair Wear Foundation since 1 April 2015.

With 144 stores in Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany, a strong online presence and a revenue of 332 million EUR, JBC directly and indirectly provides jobs for more than 1,400 people.

The Claes Retail Group (the family holding company that manages JBC) acquired Belgian family business Mayerline in July 2013. Since the fifties, Mayerline has made a name for itself in the area of stylish, elegant and timeless womenswear.

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