inRiver Release 6-1

inRiver PIM announces today the release of version 6.1. With the new Merchandize on Media feature it is now possible to include rich product information as part of media, creating great customer experiences in all channels.

inRiver PIM release 6.1Malmö, July 13, 2015

inRiver, a leader in Product Information Management (PIM), today announced the availability of version 6.1 of its inRiver PIM platform. With the new release, inRiver continues to build on the success of inRiver 6 to simplify product information management for B2C and B2B companies, enabling them to build perfect product stories and creating a better customer experience across all sales channels to sell more, faster.

”inRiver 6.1 is our second release in 2015 where we continue to deliver on our next-generation PIM platform and we are especially excited about the new Merchandize on Media feature. It will enable our customers to define and include rich product information as part of media to create greater customer experience in all channels” said Niclas Mollin, CEO of inRiver.

Having full control over product information flow and telling compelling product stories by informing and attracting customers has become top priority for eBusiness leaders and marketers. In the age of digital commerce this is more important than ever, but many companies still rely on spreadsheets or in-house solutions to solve their product information management needs.

“We see an accelerating demand for PIM solutions in the market to deliver great and consistent product content in all sales channels. With inRiver 6.1 we continue to deliver on our PXM (Product Experience Management) concept providing combined PIM, DAM, and MRM capabilities to simplify product story creation and empower product marketing teams in all our markets” said Jimmy Ekbäck, CTO of inRiver.

The inRiver PIM platform is characterized by an easy-to-learn, easy-to-use, drag-and-drop user experience that helps and guides the end user in every step of the PIM process, making them more efficient in their day-to-day work. inRiver 6.1 continues to deliver strong PIM features to extend the concepts of the inRiver 6 platform released earlier this year.

inRiver 6.1 combines:

  • Merchandize on Media – adding product information directly to media enabling context based shopping for a richer customer experience
  • Extended Completeness – adding precision when defining completeness flows in the enrichment process
  • Harmony in Workload – features for multi-selection, enhanced export, and table view have been added making product marketing teams more effective and speeding up time-to-market

About inRiver

inRiver is the market leader for simplifying Product Information Management (PIM) – 
by putting the power in the hands of the user, we enable multi-channel commerce professionals to visually manage their product information. inRiver is fast to implement and easy to use, radically facilitating the creation, maintenance, and distribution of product information to multiple sales channels in multiple languages. 180+ customers with 750 brands around the world rely on inRiver’s PIM platform for efficiently controlling the product flow for their globally recognized brands.