inRiver and Blosm to integrate solutions for better product information monitoring and management

inRiver and Blosm, a competitive intelligence and brand/product information service, form an alliance to influence customers’ their products are being represented in the marketplace.

BlosmJoint solution will increase return on product information investments for enterprises

Chicago, December 14, 2016 – inRiver, the leader in cross-channel product information management and enrichment solutions, and Blosm, a trail-blazer in the field of competitive intelligence and brand/product information monitoring, have formed an alliance to enable customers to more effectively influence how their products are being represented in the marketplace.

The two partner companies plan to integrate inRiver PIM with Blosm’s Data Collection and Market Analytics Platforms. This joint solution will provide the unique ability for companies to gain visibility into how a product’s price compares among retailers, as well as how to improve product information, SEO, and conversions based on hard data collected in the marketplace. As customers invest more heavily in the product imagery, videos, and content needed to satisfy the information requirements of consumers, this joint solution will enable them to get more from their investments.
For retailers, this translates into onboarding products and product information much more quickly. Manufacturers will be able to more easily monitor compliance and brand representation among distributors and retail channels.

“For more than a decade, Blosm has been helping companies to monitor product pricing, market intelligence, and product representation in the marketplace to improve brand consistency and profitability,” commented Carl Eklof, President and CTO of Blosm. “With the increasing usage of online shopping across all channels, it is becoming more imperative that manufacturers and retailers have control over what buyers are presented with online.”

“The partnership between Blosm and inRiver will provide an even more effective way for enterprises to manage their product information,” stated Joe Golemba, inRiver’s Vice President of Channel and Alliances. “Blosm provides a value-added bridge between a customer’s ERP system and inRiver, allowing for market information to be fed back into the ERP system, along with recommendations regarding what additional product enrichment should be performed within our PIM.”

About Blosm

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