inRiver and BIMobject join forces to assist in the digitization of the building industry

inRiver and BIMobject join forces to assist in the digitization of the building industry

Solution aids transformation of product information in inRiver to BIM specification data

Malmo, Sweden – JanuBIMobject logoary 10, 2018 – inRiver, the foremost provider of multi-tenant SaaS-based product information management solutions, and BIMobject, a Sweden-based global technology company at the forefront of digitalizing the building industry, have partnered to ease the transformation of product information to specification data for BIM (Building Information Modeling) for building product manufacturers.

By directly integrating product information from inRiver PIM into the BIMobject® Cloud platform, manual processes can be automated to speed digitalization of building product information. Building product manufacturers will be able to make their products available to BIM users more easily, in addition to collecting product information in their own product database. BIMobject® Cloud will act as an additional a channel for product information disseminated by inRiver PIM. 

“The large investment BIMobject made in developing an API interface now results in considerable advantages for both users and manufacturers. The BIMobject Cloud can be integrated with inRiver PIM, giving manufacturers the right tools to create an unbroken flow of information between all of their information sources, product development, and market information in a secure and efficient way that can be validated and traced,” commented Stefan Larsson, CEO, BIMobject.  

The cooperation will streamline several processes by cutting out duplication of effort of having to feed the same information into two different systems. Existing customers of the two companies will be able to update and maintain products more easily in both BIM and inRiver PIM. At the same time, they will gain access to the marketing channels that BIM entails. The BIMobject® Cloud is the world’s leading platform for digital building products with a continually growing user base currently consisting of more than 640,000 professionals in the international AEC (architecture, engineering, and construction) industry.

“We see an increasing need for our customers to leverage the content created in inRiver PIM in various applications. BIMobject Cloud is a fantastic application for the construction and interior design industry, and we believe the integration of our two systems can provide our customers with a very valuable solution,” said Jesper Larsen, Partner Director, inRiver.

“The cooperation with inRiver aligns perfectly with our vision for the BIMobject Cloud, and for BIM as a whole—providing as open a platform as possible so that both users and customers can use the information to streamline processes and add value to their everyday workflow. This is exactly the kind of initiative we wanted to encourage by releasing our API,” stated Ben O’Donnell, CTO, BIMobject.

About BIMobject®
BIMobject® is a Swedish technology company with a global presence operating at the forefront of digitalising the building industry. BIMobject provides a cloud-based platform and powerful technology to make digital product information available for Building Information Modelling (BIM), allowing its use early in the building process for visualisation, specification, and analysis. The platform collects valuable data that streamlines the construction industry throughout the product lifecycle.
Today, BIMobject operates in a number of markets and has a global growth strategy. The company’s offerings include development, hosting, management, and publishing of digital versions of manufacturer products: BIM objects. Its customers are building and interior product manufacturers who market their products via the BIMobject® Cloud. The user base consists primarily of architects, designers, and engineers, who access the BIMobject® Cloud through CAD/BIM-applications, apps, and web services. The BIM objects are integrated into a detailed model of the building, which increases the chance that the real products will be selected for purchase.

BIMobject is a public company listed on Nasdaq Stockholm First North with the ticker symbol BIM.