Heleon Group prepares for e-business with inRiver PIM

Heleon Group, a specialist in high-purity system components for Pharma, Bio-Processing and Food & Beverage, chooses inRiver PIM for taking control of product information.

Heleon GroupHeleon Group, a specialist in high-purity system components for Pharma, Bio-Processing and Food & Beverage industries, has selected inRiver PIM to support the Group in taking control of their product information. Deciding to give their website a complete overhaul and look more closely at implementing a B2B web shop, Heleon Group decided to pursue the idea, preparing for the future with B2B e-commerce while still keeping the existing sales channels open.

With web shops not being common to the industry, Heleon Group approached their implementation partner XSARUS with the project, knowing that similar projects were rare. After the consultations with XSARUS, it became clear that the existing ERP system, with more than 40.000 products in the Group portfolio, was not flexible enough to serve as a base to feed the web shop with rich information. The selected web shop solution was also not sufficient for structuring the information for the B2B customers.

Facing the fact that the ERP contained a lot of product information for existing products and plenty of information on products that were no longer in use, XSARUS suggested implementing inRiver PIM to organize and structure the product information in a powerful way. Implementing inRiver PIM as the product information hub, Heleon Group will soon be able to structure the data coming from the ERP, get a full overview of all products, enable easy enrichment of product information, and feed the upcoming web shop with correctly categorized products by steering the information for thousands of products from inRiver PIM as the single source.

With the initial implementation project in progress, Heleon Group decided to start with implementing inRiver PIM for Heproflex BV as a pilot project. Heproflex BV has fewer items in the product portfolio, making it easier to keep track of the products at the same time as Heleon Group gains knowledge on how to balance the data from the ERP, manage and enrich all the product information in inRiver PIM, and feed the information back to the ERP and onward to the web shop.

When the pilot project is done in a few months, Heleon Group intends to implement inRiver PIM for the other three companies in the Group, taking full control of the Group’s entire product range.

“inRiver PIM is easy to work with, making enrichment, adjustments and categorizing a much easier task. This will help us launch the web shop, and keep full control over the all products we sell. It will also support us in handling online orders by giving our customers an informative self-service, making it significantly easier for them to re-order frequently used products” says Hannah Timmer, Sales Engineer, Heleon Group.

A lot of work remains to be done before going live with inRiver PIM and the web shop, but Heleon Group is already planning for the future use of PIM. Aiming to start producing their own catalogs, product data sheets and flyers, the Group sees great possibilities using the information in inRiver PIM. Another future development is issuing certificates. With about 90% of their business requiring product certificates for items that must be traceable, Heleon Group is currently looking into solutions for providing and tracking certificates in an automated fashion, using inRiver PIM as a support.


About Heleon Group:

Heleon Group offers an extensive range of high purity system components for use in clean steam, high purity water, gas and process applications in the food & beverage and pharmaceutical industry, bioprocessing markets, vacuum technology and semicon. With an extensive range of components and custom made components, Heleon Group also offers electro-polishing and laser engraving for fittings, components and valves. Heleon Group consists of four companies. Heleon BV (Netherlands) and PMA-Heleon NV (Belgium) are specialized in the supply of valves, tubing, fittings, seals, hoses, instrumentation and other specific system components for application in the pharmaceutical and (bio)pharmaceutical industry. Extremely large stock of tubes, fittings and process components. Holstaal BV (Netherlands) is specialized in the supply of tubing, fittings, valves and components for application in the food and beverage markets. Heproflex BV (Netherlands) is specialized in the supply of hoses for food, pharma and general industry. Heproflex supplies premium hose products. www.heleon.nl