BYGGmax selects inRiver for efficient product information

BYGGmax, a building supplies retailer, chooses inRiver PIM for managing their product information efficiently for their web and e-commerce.

BYGGmax, a Swedish building supplies retailer, has selected inRiver for producing cutting-edge product information for their web and e-commerce in an efficient manner. As a discount retailer for building material, BYGGmax offers a very wide variety of products for DIY and professional builders. Due to the varied circle of customers, the company wants to offer their customers the best possible product information, connected to instructions and tips on their website.

BYGGmax is constantly striving for operational excellence and is constantly developing its business. With their strong market position, over 80 stores, and a successful establishment in Finland and Norway, BYGGmax has now in its strive for excellence chosen to invest in efficient and easy handling of their product information and related media. Instead of updating the product information for every single product in all its variations, the company will now handle all product information once, in one place.

”We are very proud that a constantly growing and profitable company like BYGGmax selects inRiver as a strategical tool for bringing efficiency to their website and e-commerce through product information management. Our Solution Partner Avensia is doing the implementation” says Niclas Mollin, CEO, inRiver.

About Byggmax
BYGGmax is a discount retailer for building and construction supplies in the Nordic region. The company has after nearly 20 years in the business over 80 stores in Sweden, Norway and Finland.