BMW Group Northern Europe goes for product information quality and efficiency with inRiver PIM

BMW Group Northern Europe, the importer of premium cars, uses inRiver PIM for managing the product information for maintaining top quality information about their premium products.


BMW Group Northern Europe, the importer of premium cars, has selected inRiver PIM for swift management of product information for their business areas product & price and sales logistics. Wanting to reach top quality and excellent efficiency in all their management of their products, BMW Group Northern Europe decided to automate a number of manual processes and manage all their product information in inRiver PIM.

Working with about 40 products, with each of them having a large number of attributes, BMW Group Northern Europe will soon be using inRiver PIM as their new master tool for product management. Operating in 7 markets and 5 languages, the PIM solution will not only centrally collect all the product data, it will also be the new collaboration point for the marketing teams, aiming for efficiency in all their handling of product data. With the new setup, the company will get a better overview of their products and attributes, manage new products and product changes quickly and easily, resulting in a more efficient and qualitative process for making the product offer and configurations available for the dealers of BMW and MINI.

“With the new PIM solution, we will be able to generate an output of information that spans from factory information to reports to authorities (customs and tax) to sales support for our dealers, as well as information for our website. Collecting all the product information in one place now ensures that we can deliver quality throughout the whole chain when we deliver our products. Our choice fell on inRiver PIM, because their data model can deliver what we want to achieve, the solution is flexible, and has the right pricing. This suited our needs perfectly, and we will now be able to use our resources in a better way, with a better output as main target” says Jani Eriksson, Product & Price manager at BMW Group Northern Europe.

“We are very excited to see BMW Group Northern Europe embrace PIM as the solution for their sales process. BMW Group Northern Europe’s implementation shows clearly how wide the use of PIM really is, and how smart integrations can augment information management and create team efficiency in several markets. We are looking forward seeing them go live with their new information management process and see how their new efficiency develops” says Andreas Erikson, Regional Sales Director, inRiver.

About BMW Group Northern Europe: The BMW Group Northern Europe is a part of the larger global BMW Group, managing the car brands BMW and MINI, and importing these cars to their 7 markets (Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) for sales through their dealer network. Read more on

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