AJ Produkter runs inRiver PIM for keeping control

AJ Produkter runs inRiver PIM for keeping control over a large product range in 18 markets. AJ Produkter is a B2B company selling furniture and supplies to stores, offices, warehouses, industries, schools and other workplaces.

AJ Produkter logotype and productsAJ Produkter, a B2B company selling furniture and supplies to stores, offices, warehouses, industries, schools and other workplaces, runs inRiver PIM for keeping full control over 15.000 products in 18 markets.

Creating better workplaces for people since about 40 years, AJ Produkter has an ambitious plan for the company’s future. To achieve this goal, AJ Produkter realized that there was a need for managing all product information centrally for all markets.

AJ Produkter wanted to gain full control over the entire product range, handle all the information creation and maintenance in one place, and automate the update of all channels in a controlled way. The company looked for a solution that could manage all the product information simultaneously for the company website, catalog and sales staff, feeding all markets in all languages and all channels with correct and up-to-date product information. Having managed all channels more or less manually until now, AJ Produkter selected inRiver PIM for supporting the company’s omni-channel journey.

”We have been looking at inRiver PIM for a number of years, and finally selected it as the system support for our omni-channel strategy because inRiver understood our journey. We definitely believe that implementing inRiver PIM will contribute to reaching our business goals and ambitions by ensuring that we have consistent communication and information in all channels. We also believe that inRiver PIM will help us deliver new material and new products faster onto the market. Stage one of the implementation is feeding our web shop and printed media with content from inRiver PIM, and we plan to roll out the inRiver PIM Planner tool for our campaigns in fall” says Päivi Wahlqvist, E-Commerce Manager, AJ Produkter.

“We are very pleased that AJ Produkter selects inRiver PIM to support the company’s omni-channel journey. inRiver PIM is looking forward to seeing AJ Produkter work toward the ambitious business goals while creating and managing all product information in our software solution. We are proud to provide AJ Produkter with a centralized and flexible system support for the company’s markets and languages, and expect to see great results from AJ Produkter’s omni-channel journey with inRiver PIM and implementation partner Star Republic” says Andreas Erikson, National Sales Director, inRiver.


About AJ Produkter

AJ Produkter AB has for about 40 years supplied furnishings for offices, schools, warehouses and industries. The concept has been the same since the beginning – to be a leading company offering first-class and attractive products at the right price. With thousands of products to choose from, AJ Produkter delivers right to the door precisely when the customers need them. See more on AJ Produkter on www.ajprodukter.se