Abkati builds solid PIM with inRiver

ABKATI, the heavy duty vehicles accessories company, chooses inRiver PIM for keeping a solid base of product information for all channels.

ABKATI, a heavy duty vehicles accessories company, has selected inRiver PIM for creating a solid base and structuring their product information for all channels.

With two languages, about 7000 products and a wide, growing and constantly changing product range that covers several areas and needs, ABKATI wanted to make their products and product information more accessible to their customers, both electronically and in print. Having worked with their large printed catalog and a skilled salesforce, but having noticed that their customers wanted more information over the website and in digital format, the company decided they wanted to manage their product information efficiently and flexibly to be able to launch and maintain their products faster in all sales channels, both existing and upcoming.

Being now in the process of building a new website, launching e-commerce, managing their printed catalog more efficiently with more frequent updates, and working toward launching a digital catalog, ABKATI concluded after extensive research that PIM was the solution for their current and future needs. Coming from manual handling of the major part of their product information, the company is now building their base for managing any channel with inRiver PIM.

“We are a very product-oriented and sales-oriented company. Everything circulates around the products, and we realized we had to get the information out about our products much faster. We are right now in the process of building our base of product information with texts and images, structuring it well and taking time to make it right from the start, so that we can use this to the full capacity of inRiver PIM for all channels. With this base, and with the upcoming e-commerce, our customers will be able to do a quick search and find our products both sooner and easier.

We selected inRiver PIM because inRiver has a product that fits us, because their product packaging and pricing model makes it accessible also for smaller companies like us. inRiver also has a good partner network that gave us a good provider for implementation. We also saw that many different companies of varying size use inRiver PIM, so we felt this was just right for us” says Christian Celsing, Head of Purchasing and Logistics at ABKATI.

“We are making quite a journey with launching PIM. Going from a largely manual handling and external help to reaching the point where each product category manager will soon managing and handling their specific product area is quite a change. We will also soon produce both web and catalog in-house, which will ensure better product information, less flaws in the product data, and much faster product launches. We will simply have better control of our product range” says Mattias Cervin, Purchasing and PIM project manager at ABKATI.

“inRiver is very pleased to see a forward-thinking and growing company like ABKATI embrace the potential of PIM and go for efficiency and sustainable product management before they launch their upcoming channels. We are very proud to be helping ABKATI build a solid base for their products and the handling of their product information, and look forward to seeing the company and the number of sales channels grow soon”, says Daniel Lambert-Krüss, Regional Sales Manager at inRiver.


About ABKATI: ABKATI is a B2B company that offers a broad range of components, accessories and services for heavy commercial vehicles such as trucks, forestry vehicles, mining and construction vehicles, agricultural vehicles, and many other types of vehicles. ABKATI is a company within the Axel Johnson International group. Read more about ABKATI on www.abkati.se.