The perfect product lifecycle

inRiver and Technia shows you how companies within fashion and retail can use PLM and PIM to create the perfect product life-cycle process and shorten time-to-market, cut cost and gain quality and consistency cross channels.

Save time

  • Transfer PLM data to PIM automatically, prevent non value adding copy/paste
  • Re-use and re-purpose PLM information in all channels
  • Make all updates instantly available for sales & marketing

Start earlier with sales & marketing preparations

  • Be ready with next collection earlier
  • Open possibilities for flexibility and late adjustments
  • Prepare market campaigns, catalogs and sales books earlier

Publish to any channel, web shop , sales book or look book

  • Increase quality and gain consistency across channels
  • Ensure that sales & marketing is always working with the latest developed styles
  • Communicate all style changes automatically in a smooth manner

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