Modernizing Your Digital Strategy with Product Information Management (PIM)

Many different departments and individuals handle product information across your organization. Unless you have a solution in place that can organize these details and keep the information in one place, it’s like playing the game “telephone” when you were a kid. The information goes in one way and comes out as a very different message.

Avoid the “telephone” conundrum with your product information, watch this webinar to discover:

  • Why product information management is integral to your digital strategy
  • How PIM helps you align your back office (operational) processes with your digital store
  • How you can provide perfect product stories to your retail channels
Keith Klade, Layer One Media       Johan Boström, inRiver
Keith Klade
VP, eCommerce
Layer One Media
  Johan Boström
Co-Founder, Evangelist

Inriver in Social Media