inRiver campaign planner - Take control of all your marketing activities

Today’s customers are shopping in multiple channels. From traditional channels like brick and mortar and print to the myriad of digital platforms, customers are demanding more information.

In order to engage and compete in today’s multi-channel world retailers need to adopt cross-channel campaign management solutions that deliver the right product information at the right time through the right medium. Meeting that demand and delivering a consistent product story is often a difficult task with so many channels to contend with.

inRiver equips business users and marketers with powerful tools to make them more efficient and put them even more in control of the product offering. The module Campaign Planner focuses on making the planning, execution, and overview of inRiver campaigns a much easier process.

The Campaign Planner not only facilitates the creation of campaigns, but also gives you an overview of all your planned campaigns, the work that needs to be done, and when it needs to be finished in order to meet your delivery deadlines.

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