inRiver 6.2

inriver release 6.2With inRiver 6.2 we continue to deliver on our next-generation PIM platform by strengthening the inRiver PXM (Product Experience Management) concept and adding increased value to our customers.

Key features of inRiver 6.2 include:

Planner 2.0 – inRiver 6.2 offers a new,much improved and customizable version of the Planner App. The App now enables significantly improved team collaboration, gives a holistic view of all your marketing activities, and keeps full control over your planning.
Intelligent Linking – This new feature enables users to define and create smart relations that automatically define when a product or individual item shall be linked to a product, campaign, publication or channel node. This radically reduces the manual parts of the enrichment workload of your PIM team.
Search on Specifications – inRiver 6.2 introduces extended search capabilities, now including search on specifications. This radically improves the overall searchability and puts detailed specification information at your fingertips.

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