Choreographing a Brand Ballet

It takes two to tango. That phrase may be a cliché, but whether you substitute “tango” with “foxtrot,” “pas de deux,” or “mazurka,” the fact remains—you can’t market to customers who aren’t listening to you.

Your customers have high expectations about their digital experience across every channel and touchpoint with your brand. First, they need to find you, which means you need to know how they are searching for you and your products—when, how, and what. That takes work.

Then, once a buyer finds you, you need to be sure that you are providing the information that they are looking for—you need to listen to them first, before they will listen to you. Today’s online experience requires that you give customers the information they need, when, where and how they want it. And if you have underlying product information issues of data quality, inaccuracy, or incompleteness, it impedes the seamless and frictionless experience and message that your customers are seeking. You need to organize your content to align with customer personas during key intent-driven micro-moments. 

Introducing Brand Choreography

We call this unified experience “brand choreography.” Once you do that, you can hit the dance floor. This is the key to differentiating your brand, and growing your online sales.

To help you lead this ensemble of e-commerce efforts, a troupe of digital commerce experts hosted by Earley Information Science’s Chief Digital Strategist, Jeannine Bartlett, will participate in the March 2017 Earley Executive Roundtable. This panel will discuss the brand choreography issues that marketers, e-commerce leaders, and operations executives need to understand and address when embarking on product and digital asset programs, including: 

  • How information flows through digital commerce processes
  • Ensuring that product data is up to date and relevant
  • How to evaluate your organization’s digital merchandising maturity
  • How to establish “choreographed product information” specific to your customers

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn more creating a great commerce experience for your customers. Register for the March 2017 Earley Executive Roundtable webinar: Brand Choreography - How Product Information Supports Your Brand Promise to be held on March 15 at 1PM EST/10 AM PST