Building Product Content That Converts

Every marketer, product manager or merchandiser seeks to create compelling content that converts browsers into buyers. It is the way business, especially e-commerce is done today. The problem is that there is a lot of competition between retailers and lots of content that needs to be shared across a growing number of channels. So, how does an e-commerce organization make their products stand out from the crowd?

The power of compelling content is not just the words we use to describe a product. It is everything from images (don’t think that stock or ordinary product images will do), to detailed descriptions that include where a fabric is manufactured or what type of wood a bed frame is sourced from, to the distribution of that vital information systematically across channels. There is a lot to get done to get a product to market and without a process, it can get complicated. Fast.

3 essentials for product content that drive conversions

Build a process: Any business that sells multiple products across a variety of channels needs to have a solid, well-documented process. Large e-commerce companies manage hundreds of thousands of products globally. Imagine trying to update spreadsheets for even 100 different products across departments or teams each time a new update to your product is released. If a process isn’t documented and a technology solution is not in place to enable the process, it will not scale.

Not only will it not scale, but a poor customer experience is the kiss of death for e-commerce. It’s hard enough to be found by a buyer, but nearly impossible to drive conversions if the buying process isn’t easy, or product information is inconsistent or even slow to load on a page. A perfect product process lets an organization and its team control the quality of content available to buyers in a repeatable, predictable way.

Process and technology go hand-in-hand and for e-commerce teams, the technology that supports product content is a product information management (PIM) solution. Learn more about the inRiver PIM solution here for global brands.

Images: According a the article, The Ultimate Guide to Increasing Ecommerce Conversion Rates, by CXL, quality images are the number one thing that helps sell product online. Why? They tell the story of the product and how powerful images can be. See the example from below from the CXL post.

Building Product Content that converts

What is important to remember about images it to think beyond typical product images. Think close-ups, 360-degree, in context (shop the look) or even next to a similar or like product to show color differences or size comparisons. Image quality, resolution and composition of the images matter too, of course.

Personalization: The finest e-commerce companies in the world are experts at using personalization. That means you need to be too. Nothing ruins the customer experience faster than spending time to put in personal information, email address or a loyalty number only to be shown content or offers that aren’t relevant. A lack of personalization in content leaves consumers feeling like they don’t matter ,and that means they are likely to take their business elsewhere. And that impacts revenue.

According to the Monetate Ultimate Customer Experience Infographic, 89% of consumers leave a brand for the competition after a negative customer experience. Brand loyalty matters for e-commerce brands as customer acquisition costs are high. Keeping valuable customers happy and turning them into advocates for your brand is a significant strategy that increases revenue. It is another benefit that stems from personalization of content.

Modern marketers use a mix of technology, process, and best practices to deliver the best customer experience possible to engage online buyers. What drives conversions online and across channels today is personalized, well produced and delivered product content. Remember, content is more than just the words; it’s the whole experience that consumers remember.

Learn more about how to create product content that converts and download the “4 Steps to High-Quality Content for Omnichannel Success.

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