Meet Me in the Hallway: Bringing Technology and Marketing Together

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It is not uncommon for marketers to have to justify their needs for the latest and greatest technology and marketing tools to their counterparts in IT. Some of these needs include solutions for marketing analytics, lead scoring, and email marketing that help marketers better target prospects and get messages out in a timely manner.

Here at inRiver, we pride ourselves on understanding the plight of the marketer, especially with respect to “content spaghetti” - product information that resides in Excel spreadsheets, PDF files, and disparate legacy systems. Implementing a product information management (PIM) system can bring relief to many of the frustrations that marketers feel regarding their product content.

However, to explain the content challenge to IT, it is sometimes necessary to quantify tasks that are, frankly, hard to quantify - time spent searching for the latest version of something, lost sales due to a lengthy time to market, or higher product returns due to incomplete or incorrect information. But, as e-commerce become ubiquitous - for both B2C and B2B enterprises, technology solutions such as these are increasingly critical.

Introducing Micro-Moments

With mobile shopping increasing exponentially, micro-moments are becoming equally prevalent. Micro-moments are those intent-driven moments when shoppers want to learn where to go, what to buy, or how to do something. These micro-moments are driven, for the most part, by our obsession with and reliance on our smartphones and tablet devices. You have heard the stats - 82% of smartphone users consult their phones while they are shopping in-store!

What this means for ecommerce merchants is that you need to be ready, with the right content and the right tools to capture those micro-moments when they arise. And to accomplish this, marketers need to cross the corridor and ask their IT counterparts for help. And in turn, the technology experts across the hall need to understand what marketing is trying to achieve and offer solutions to address the challenges of micro-moments.

Forrester Research’s July 2015 study on Moments That Matter brings this point home. Companies that have IT and marketing executives who are aligned to address micro-moments are more successful and have better ROI on marketing expenditures. When their infrastructure is integrated - with mobile experiences aligned with back-end systems, they outperform their peers and competitors. 

The New Partnership: Marketing and IT

We are so intrigued by the need for this partnership between marketing and IT that we are hosting a webinar with our technology integration partner, Jasper Studios. Join us on March 23 at 2 PM CDT for Meeting the Challenges of Micro-moments, when Johan Boström of inRiver and Jon Marsella of Jasper Studios will discuss the enormous opportunities and challenges that retailers need to be aware of when addressing micro-moments.

You will see that by meeting in the hallway, IT and marketing organizations can work together to create the relevant, rich experiences that customers are expecting in their micro-moments.

In the meantime, don’t forget to register for the webinar on March 23.

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