inRiver 6.3 Release Webinar

inRiver 6.3 Release WebinarIn this inRiver 6.3 release, we continue to strengthen our collaborative, role-based, app-centric platform. Once again we have sharpened the tools for product marketing teams to become even more efficient and productive in every stage of the B2B and B2C sales process.

Some of the new features introduced in inRiver 6.3 are:

Personalized Publications in Content Store – this new feature provides super-fast, single-click production and publication of PDF product catalogs to promote and enhance product visibility in various online and offline sales settings.
Enhanced Supplier Onboarding Management – the Supplier Onboarding app has been enhanced providing improved search, better overview, support for more granular validation, and approval on field level, for product teams to significantly speed up the process of external data onboarding.
Office365 Excel Integration – this new inRiver add-in will boost productivity as it enables teams to seamlessly move and mass update product data using the familiar UI of Microsoft Excel.

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