Creating relevant customer experiences using the Occtoo APIs & headless data cloud.

Occtoo is happy to have well-known joint customers with inRiver. Some of our joint customers are Cartier, Intersport, Kjell & Co, Kinnarps, Filippa K, Fjällräven, Haglöfs & Stiga Sports. Occtoo is a tool for digital marketers to orchestrate the experience of a brand by creating personalized user experiences in all phases of the customer journey.

With Occtoo you can:

  • Display predictive & relevant content anywhere
  • Serve all channels with content in real-time
  • Create relevant experiences based on customer insights, third party segmentation and geo-location

Occtoo fits perfect in the world of the MACH-architecture built for headless personalization, with features & dashboards that give the business users the maximum control they need, while maintaining flexibility and agility for the developers.

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