Website builds and integrations. E-commerce ecosystems. Data-driven strategies.

Ntara has been creating transformative digital solutions in the manufacturing, distribution, and retail industries since 1999. Located in the southeastern U.S., Ntara builds digital ecosystems using inRiver and other .NET technology platforms.

We provide consulting, UX expertise, website and e-commerce development, integrated marketing strategy, and technical integrations. We are a proud Platinum inRiver Partner with a full-time team of Certified inRiver Developers and Business Consultants on staff.

Ntara helps multichannel companies do more with digital. We offer:

  • 20+ years of experience
  • 100% custom, in-house integrations
  • 100s of websites designed and launched
  • 1.4 million pages in our largest website
  • 40+ languages deployed
  • 172 countries have experienced our localized content
  • 7+ years average client tenure
  • $206M in annual e-commerce revenue managed for a single client
  • A proven track record as a Platinum inRiver Partner

Website: www.ntara.com

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