LanguageWire is the world’s leading platform for language and content services. Since 2000, LanguageWire has helped brands create global content with innovative technology, streamlined workflows, and a worldwide network of language experts.

Translating your product information into 20, 10 or even two languages can be difficult. Make it simple with an inRiver Connector from LanguageWire.

LanguageWire becomes a part of your inRiver Product Marketing Cloud, making it easy to order and publish multilingual content for your target markets.

The easy-to-use connector shortens time-to-market and increases productivity. You’ll skip hours of manual work while also reducing the chances of copy-paste mistakes and human error.

inRiver Connector:

Woman Using inRiver Product Marketing Cloud (iPMC)

inRiver Connector brochure – EN

inRiver Connector brochure – DA




Phone: +45 70 23 00 44


View Demo: LanguageWire Demo


inRiver Connector – LanguageWire

The easy way to translate in inRiver via a connector from LanguageWire.

LanguageWire – inRiver Connector How-To Video

A deep dive into the functionality of the LanguageWire inRiver connector.

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