LanguageWire is a leading provider of language services. Backed by a worldwide network of language experts and an intuitive online platform, we make it easy to manage multilingual content.

Translating your product information into 20, 10 or even two languages can be difficult. Make it simple with an inRiver Connector from LanguageWire.

LanguageWire becomes a part of your inRiver Product Marketing Cloud, making it easy to order and publish multilingual content for your target markets.

The easy-to-use connector shortens time-to-market and increases productivity. You’ll skip hours of manual work while also reducing the chances of copy-paste mistakes and human error.

inRiver connector web page:


inRiver Connector brochure – EN

inRiver Connector brochure – DA




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InRiver connector – LanguageWire

The easy way to translate in inRiver via a connector from LanguageWire.

LanguageWire – InRiver Connector How To Video

A deep dive into the functionality of the LanguageWire InRiver connector.