inRiver’s Partner of the Year, 5 years running.

Absolunet is a professional services firm specializing in commerce and digital transformations. We help some of North America’s iconic brands and distributors fast-forward their digital transformation, bridge the eCommerce gap and put customers at the heart of their experience, profitably.

255 People. 25 Practices. 4 Offices. 1 Mission.

The Absolunet difference:

  • Consulting built around proven global frameworks to optimize people, processes, and systems.
  • Dozens of inRiver-certified developers and teams who leverage our inRiver-specific accelerator to speed up PIM deployment and adoption.
  • Experience acquired from 40+ inRiver implementations. Our PIM Transformation team has helped some of North America’s biggest brands with their PIM transformations.

Learn more: https://absolunet.com/en/services/pim-transformation/


Automotive Aftermarket

Profitable Omnichannel Strategies
for B2B, B2C and D2C merchants


HVAC + eCommerce

How Mobile and Digital Are Redefining Customer Expectations.



Home Decor

The Ultimate Guide To Selling Home Decor, Furniture and Housewares in an Omnichannel World.


What is PIM?

With PIM systems, business users can manage all of their product content for all of their channels… in one centralized resource.


The End of Sporting Goods Retail As We Know It

5 elements disrupting the sporting goods industry and 5 eCommerce solutions that brands and retailers are using to win the digital consumer.

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