Stockholm | Breakfast club with inRiver, Episerver and Microsoft

Breakfast ClubDate: Tuesday, March 13, 2018
Time8:00 AM – 11:00 AM CET
Hotel C, Vasaplan 4, 10137 Stockholm, Sweden

In our global, digital world of commerce, vendors need to act on new customer behavior to provide personalized experiences. Due to marketplaces like Amazon, the competition has turned global. During the event we will tell you more how you can benefit from utilizing cloud services for e-commerce and PIM to stay ahead of the competition.

This event aims to customers, potential customers, and partners to Episerver, inRiver, and Microsoft.

inRiver, Episerver, and Microsoft invites you to the Breakfast Club. Not only will we provide breakfast, we will present the following:

  • Episerver will talk about how you can get started with e-commerce in a fast and safe way with the help of Episerver's product Episerver Commerce for Dynamics, and the existing integrations that are already in place. Episerver will talk about how you can create a personalized e-commerce with the help of integrated AI and machine learning, and with that create tailored campaigns in all your channels.
  • inRiver will present Product Marketing Cloud- What are the benefits to use PIM as a cloud service? What kind of product information do you need to market and sell products in digital channels? inRiver will talk about a couple of customer cases and show examples how one can use Product Marketing Cloud together with different web services.
  • Microsoft have during the past ten years undergone a huge change in their business model and their offers. Today, the Cloud and AI lead the development not only at Microsoft but as well in every other industry. the ones who cannot adapt fast enough will disappear. Listen how different companies have change their business with the help of the Cloud and AI, and become inspired to change!