Cryptic spreadsheets. Enigmatic taxonomy. Hidden data. Legacy processes...frightening.

Manufacturers, distributors, and retailers everywhere understand the challenge of creating and maintaining accurate, concise, and complete product information.

You may have heard some of the stats1:

  • 87 % of consumers are unlikely to purchase again from a retailer with inaccurate product information.
  • 30% of buyers abandon online shopping carts due to poor product descriptions.
  • 40% of shoppers return items because of poor product content.

In fact, product information may mean the difference between being or being the next defunct retailer, like Sports Authority or The Limited.

But, how do you fix it?

Fortunately, it is not some magical secret. Vendors can now deliver customized and precise product information to all their channels—Big Box stores, mom & pop shops, e-tailers—with the click of a mouse—to ensure buyers can find product information truth.

You’re Invited!

Digital agency Ntara and PIM software platform inRiver have joined forces to present a Lunch-and-Learn event to demystify the practice of product information management. You’ll learn how a PIM solution fits into your organization’s universe to address e-commerce challenges, such as growing revenue, reducing cost, and staying competitive and relevant within the channel.

You’ll leave with tips on how to evaluate this solution for your business and successfully sell it to your leadership team.

Who Should Attend: IT or Marketing Managers from manufacturing, distribution, and retail organizations who have 1000+ SKUs
When: Thursday, June 22 from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Where: Fleming’s Steakhouse 2525 West End Ave. Nashville, TN
Why you should attend: Three-course lunch with dessert at Fleming’s, opportunity to network with peers, and actionable and critical information about the latest developments in the management of product information.
What you’ll learn:

  • How software can support your organization’s product information management function and get you out of spreadsheet purgatory
  • What other organizations—including your competitors—are doing
  • If a PIM software platform is right for your organization, and how to calculate ROI
  • How a PIM easily integrates with other technology solutions, saving you time and money
  • Why your print catalog won’t die, why you can’t kill it, and how to print it more efficiently
  • A PIM’s role in simplifying your omnichannel strategy with Amazon and other online merchants

1 “The Impact of Poor Product Content.” Shotfarm, Product Information Report, December 2016.