GlobalLink NEXT

Wednesday, October 11, 2023 ∙ all day

The inriver team will be sponsoring GlobalLink NEXT in Amsterdam.

GlobalLink NEXT provides two days of insights and learnings by industry leaders from leading European companies and brands.

Join us at GlobalLink NEXT October 11-12 in Amsterdam. GlobalLink NEXT is an annual conference hosted by TransPerfect, and is the event that brings together industry professionals, technology & solutions experts, client support teams, and users from around the globe.

Learn from the best brands and retail experts in Europe. Explore the world of global retail and discover what’s next for you and your brand. Stop by our booth to see how the right PIM solution can revolutionize your digital shelf and drive maximum profits at every touchpoint.

With inriver, you’ll discover an industry-leading PIM solution that goes above and beyond mere enrichment and syndication. Our comprehensive offering sets a new standard in the market, providing you with a complete solution that caters to all your PIM needs. Schedule a meeting with our team at GlobalLink NEXT to learn firsthand how inriver empowers businesses like yours to unlock their full potential.

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