Future of PIM for Businesses Virtual Summit

Tuesday, February 21, 2023 ∙ 12:00 CET

A new breed of PIM that powers the entire product journey

Branded and industrial manufacturers are facing importanttrends that are forever changing the way they do business. What are the key developments in 2023 and how can PIM systems help companies leverage these developments and turn them into revenue-generating opportunities? Join us to understand how PIM systems help manufacturers to:  

  • Deliver a superior B2B ecommerce experience
  • Create a digital ecosystem around products and services
  • Drive revenue across the entire customer lifecycle
  • Become a truly transparent and sustainable brand 
  • Joakim Gavelin

    VP Customer Accounts and Digital Shelf Services

    Joakim has over 25 years experience in people, sales and business management, helping brands and business increase their presence, sales and profit. With deep knowledge in retail sales and intelligence to consumer behavior to global sales, he is familiar with both B2C and B2B - no matter the size, industry or location of company.

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