eCommerce Expo

Wednesday, September 18, 2024 ∙ 09:30

Join us at eCommerce Expo, the largest eCommerce event in the UK which connects 12,000+ eCommerce professionals with 300+ technology providers and key industry speakers.

Visit us in our booth (N18) and hear Joakim Gavelin, inriver Senior Principal Advisor, speak at the Seamless Omnichannel Theatre on September 18, at 11.10-11.35 where he discusses:

How to sell online – Get smarter with your digital shelf
Selling online is becoming more challening by the day. With growing competition from home and abroad, evolving regulations, increasingly discerning customers, and ever-changing marketplaces requirements, the digital shelf can be a tough place to succeed and turn a profit. But it doesn´t have to be.

With the example of audio manufacturer Marshall – Discover how product data management and analytics intelligence can empower brands to optimize success and sales on every online channel

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  • Joakim Gavelin

    VP Digital Shelf Services

    Joakim has over 25 years experience in people, sales and business management, helping brands and business increase their presence, sales and profit. With deep knowledge in retail sales and intelligence to consumer behavior to global sales, he is familiar with both B2C and B2B - no matter the size, industry or location of company.

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