inRiver Product Information Management AvensiaAvensia are experts in converting visitors to buyers with a design that guides the users from start to finish. Their focus lies on e-commerce solutions and consulting toward customers building other related IT-systems. Avensia offers a unique web shop for every visitor, where all information is carefully selected and all promotions are customised. A store solution that converts visitors into customers, and customers into repeat buyers.

Avensia and PIM
With e-commerce there is no personnel on hand, and items cannot be felt or tried on like in a store. The information given to the customer makes all the difference. By integrating inRiver PIM into Avensia's solutions, the efficient management of product information is secured - regardless of channel, market or language.

  •     E-commerce expertise and consultancy
  •     Holistic view on commerce
  •     Broad experience from implementing inRiver
  •     High competence and flexibility.

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