Stadium use PIM to reduce production cost, enhance customer experience and increase sales

Stadium logotypeStadium contacted inRiver at an early stage to develop a simple solution for creating, handling and maintaining product information.

The inRiver PIM system is a simple, efficient solution that gives Stadium complete control over the entire product flow. The company benefits from a definitive data source that displays the same information everywhere.

Thanks to the efficient PIM process, it’s significantly easier for employees to manage product information and digital resources while maintaining a consistent style across all channels. This has dramatically reduced production costs, improved the quality of marketing material, enhanced customer experience and increased sales.

"The PIM system makes it easy for us to guide customers with images, text and videos, so we can provide the best service wherever they interact with us. The information is of really good quality. You can rely on the text and the images, and you can easily use the information from print to web to social media. When we entered the German market we had all information ready in inRiver PIM in 3 months of deciding to open there." says Pia Upola, Media Manager, Stadium

Family-owned Stadium has become Sweden’s largest sports and sportswear chain, with about 150 stores in Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Germany. Every year, some 40.000 products pass through Stadium’s stores and warehouses, with 80 percent of those goods changed twice a year, for the winter and summer seasons.

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