Akron Hardware

inRiver Akron HardwareIn February of 1960, Joe Orihel and Roger Judy founded Akron Hardware Consultants, a small contract hardware distributorship in downtown Akron, Ohio. Like other contract houses, Akron Hardware struggled with the industry’s long lead times and frequently missed shipping dates. Joe and Roger saw a niche developing and made a strategic decision to change the direction of the company. They furnished their last contract job in 1978, and set out to become the first nationwide wholesale distributor of Corbin products.

In less than five decades, Akron Hardware has grown into an industry leading architectural door hardware distributor with more than 65 employees in four locations nationwide. True to Joe and Roger's vision established in the late 70's, we maintain a strict policy of no end-user or contractor sales.

Today, Akron Hardware is committed to the same principles that have allowed us to succeed over the years - quality products, industry leading service and unmatched speed to market. Our commitment to these principles make Akron Hardware your best choice for all your architectural door hardware needs.